Thursday, June 17, 2010

About us

Papa and I originally wanted to start a blog from day 1 of finding out we were pregnant, but since I am a huge procrastinator, that didn't happen. Oh we started the blog... and never looked at it again. So now that CJ should pop out at any second, we're going to try again. Both Papa and I will be writing our own posts about all the changes and greatness that will be occuring in the coming months. Hopefully I'll figure out a way for readers to know which posts are by Papa and which are by Mama.

Like I said above, I'm currently 37 weeks (and 3 days, but who's counting?). CJ was breech up until last week when he flipped his little tushy over. Now I'm afraid everytime he moves that he's flipping himself back to breech. And this little guy moves a lot. I can't wait to get him here. It seems like I've been pregnant forever. We found out we were pregnant at 5 weeks. We were trying so the second I was late, I ran out and got a test. That 4th week, it was negative, but the 5th week there it was, the words "PREGNANT!". There may not have been an exclamation point, but there should have been. At the time, Papa was still at nursing school in New Hampshire while Mama was here at Fort Knox. I found out for sure on a Monday, and Papa wasn't coming until Friday. Let me tell you, I am not one for keeping secrets. I had to hold it in for 5 whole days. Later, Papa told me that he thought I was going to leave him because I was being so wierd on the phone. When Papa finally did come, I had put the positive pregnancy test inside a Darth Vader pail I had bought him (Papa is a dork). He asked "Is this real?!" and then we hugged... and the rest... is CJ.