Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well CJ is now 5 weeks old and I haven't blogged once since he was born. In my defense, it's been a busy 5 weeks. It was a busy birth too. Possibly one of the worst births ever. I don't want to scare people with my birthing story, but here it is.

Since I was a week late, I went into the hospital on July 13th to be induced. My doctor was a midwife who I had never met before and her assistant, a midwifery student. They were both very nice people, but as we found out later, incompetent. The first thing they did was give me lactated ringers and gentamycin to keep my hydrated and to treat group beta strep that I had tested positive for. As soon as they gave me the ringers to hydrate, I inflated like a helium balloon. It took a while for us to get my wedding ring off. Next, I was given cytotec to soften and ripen my cervix which had absolutely refused to dilate up until that point. About 12 hours later, I still wasn't dilated. I was then given pitocin to speed up the process. My water broke at some point, I don't even remember when. It was night-time I know that. Even though my water broke, I still wasn't dilating. The midwife kept sticking her hands in me to check but to no avail. At some point during the night, I received an epidural cuz I was having painful contractions and a lot of back pain. When I'd checked in to the hospital, CJ had "dropped" but as the days went on, he climbed back up. Thirty-six hours after my water broke, they FINALLY decided to give me a C-section. The baby is supposed to be out within 24 hours of the "waters breaking".

At first, I kind of felt a little bit of relief that I was having a C-section because I figured it wouldn't hurt as bad as pushing him out. So I was brought into the operating room and I met the head of the department, a nice Jewish doctor (holy sterotype!). As soon as they put me on the table I was freezing and could not stop shaking. The doctor was explaining everything to me and I told him to stop because I didn't want to know. When he cut my belly, I didn't feel anything. As soon as he started to move around in there to get CJ out, I started screaming at the top of my lungs because it was the worst pain I've ever felt. It was the most intense pressure ever and it just felt like everything was being ripped out. I also felt like I couldn't breathe because of the oxygen mask they had over me. My husband tried to calm me down while begging the anesthesiologist to do something. I heard my husband say "Look at all that hair!" and then I was put me to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later, completely groggy and out of it. I could hear my husband telling me to open my eyes and look at my son to which I replied "I don't wanna." Not that I didn't want to see my son, I just didn't want to open my eyes. I did, and there was my perfect little baby. Seriously, I know I may be biased, but he is honestly the best baby ever.

I ended up getting two infections, spending 8 days in the hospital, my lungs filled with fluid and I had heart failure on the left side. So it was a rough ride for me. But like I said, CJ is absolutely perfect. I'd do the whole thing over again if it meant I'd get another CJ.