Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poor Sick Baby

So my poor poopaloo has an unexplainable rash and a UTI. We were at my aunt's house and it was unbearably hot when we first noticed the rash. So we assumed it was just a heat rash. But when DH's mom (who's a nurse) saw it and didn't think it looked like a normal heat rash, so we called the doc. Since it was a saturday, the on-call nurse said to take his temp and it turned out it was 100.6 degrees. So we had to take the poopaloo to the hospital. The doc there had no idea what the rash was, but it seems like it's a viral rash. They ran a bunch of tests and it turns out he has a UTI. Poor thing. He wasn't acting any different, still as happy-go-lucky as ever. We did remember after they said that he has a UTI that sometimes if he's asleep and he pees, he'll start screaming as if it scared him. So it might have been burning :( Poor thing. Since it's very uncommon for circumcised boys to get UTIs there, going to have run some tests to make sure there's nothing structurally wrong with him.

In happier news, he slept IN HIS CRIB, for 7 hours!! We had to comfort him a few times and re-binkie him, but he did it. :)

PS. The pic is of him in his tie onesie watching TV with dada. I'm a little displeased that the baby we weren't going to allow to watch TV is mesmerized by it.

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