Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Breast is best (IMO), Part 1

I previously wrote about the horrific birthing experience I had, and how I got separated from him for 3 days. When we finally were reunited, he had been getting 2oz bottles pretty much every time he cried. The doctor told me on that third day, oh by the way, maybe you should pump. I was like really? Now you tell me? When we finally allowed to see each other, we were still kept in separate rooms. I was in the "Special Care Unit" and he was up on the maternity ward with my husband. They let him come down every once in a while during the day to visit but I only got to try to breastfeed a few times.

When I was finally brought back up to the maternity ward, he had breastfeed maybe 5 times in 5 days and never for a long period of time. The nurse who was on duty was trying to "help". This is how she did it. First she informed me that it was going to be "practically impossible" because he had been on the bottle for so long. Then she informed me that I have inverted nipples (which I don't). Then she told me I was holding him wrong. Then she told me he wasn't latched on properly. Then she told me since I was going home the next day she wasn't going to help me at all so I would learn to take care of him on my own. Keep in mind that I still couldn't get up on my own and he was still in the bassinet. So suffice to say, we were both frustrated. And we all know that when you're frustrated, it makes breastfeeding harder. So he pretty much refused and I was stressed and he kept getting the bottle. I felt like a failure.

On the day we were being discharged, my husband went to bring the car out to the front of the hospital. Everything was packed including the bottles and formula. And CJ started screaming at the top of his lungs. So I did the only thing I could think of, I put him on the breast. And CJ went to tooooooown. I started crying. My husband came in and was like wahoooo!! I was so happy that I could feed my own baby.

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